Open to Growth

Web-design / web-develoment

Open to Growth provides modern management coaching and employee wellbeing support, nurturing team environments that work for all. The project aims to instigate open discussion about emotional health in work environments, creating a safe space for people to grow and develop through thoughtful coaching techniques. The challenge was to make a website that has a professional, yet human and welcoming look&feel, while making an open invitation to explore a topic of emotional health for professionals.

Clean and modern layout with well-structured and strategically served information creates an instand professional look. Light background colours are balanced out by playful, yet minimalist colour accents, to take away the heaviness from the topic and make it more approachable and welcoming to the user. The visuals are reduced to abstract icons that illustrate the offers. Together with geometric shapes on the background, they provide a visually interesting touch to the otherwise textual website, but still allow the viewer to stay focused on the information.

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