Online Magazine for Pflegekammer NDS

UX, layout mock-ups

In 2019 Pflegekammer NDS (Care Chamber Niedersachsen) launched a print and online magazine for its members. The challenge was to integrate the magazine into the existing website while finding a visual bridge between the print edition and the existing website elements; to keep the coherent appearance while creating a fresher look. Another aspect was to design a clear and understandable structure for the online magazine, enabling users to have a flawless reading experience.

After analyzing the existing visual identity and the new print design I came up with a way to integrate certain print elements into the web magazine layouts in a way that would differentiate the magazine while seamlessly integrating it into the existing design system. This was done by introducing a few visual elements that were based on the existing CI, yet had a fresh look and interpretation unique to the magazine.

See implementation →

Layout magazine landing:

Layout single article:

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